Ever experienced a dead battery?  You can end those days with the Armorall Battery, a powerful portable power bank designed to easily jump start a drained car battery or truck using its' own cable clamps, without the need of another vehicle present!  But that's not all...this powerful, lightweight power bank is equipped with so much more.  Not only does it jump start your vehicle but it also comes with an adapter kit with connectors that attach via its USB port so you can charge many different electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, cameras, and portable gaming systems on the go therefore eliminating the need to carry all those cumbersome charges.  But there's even more...it also has an integrated flash light that can be used as either an emergency "SOS" flashing signal or a continuous torch light for evening activities.   All of these features are included in a compact and lightweight design that is always ready for your use.  Whether you need a 12 volt A12 (typically automobiles) or a more powerful 24 volt A24 (typically trucks), we have a solution for you...


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